White-nosed coati or coatimundi

White-nosed coati or coatimundi

Nasua narica


Coatis are closely related to racoons. They generally spend their days hunting and their nights curled up in the trees. In areas where there hunted coatis can become more active at night.

Where and how they live: They live all the way down from the south of North America into the rainforests of Columbia and Ecuador. Adult males live alone. The females live in groups with their young and share their childcare.

What they eat: for insects, small animals, eggs, fruit and carrion. Their pointy mobile noses are ideal for sniffing out tasty food in cracks and crevices.

Are they endangered? Hunting and habitat loss have affected coatis in some areas but their survival isn’t currently under threat. They are often taken as pets and easy to tame.

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