Tufted, black-capped capuchin

Tufted, black-capped or brown capuchin

Cebus paella



These highly intelligent monkeys make and use a variety of tools to help them access all the different types of food they eat.

Where and how they live: Forests, mainly rainforests in South America and Trinidad. They are the most common monkeys in the Amazon. The live in groups of up to around 20 individuals and share their space peacefully with other forest monkey species. They forage and play on the ground and in the lower canopy during the day and sleep high in the trees at night.

What they eat: fruits, insects, leaves, nectar, nuts, pith, eggs, young birds, frogs, lizards, and even bats.

Are they endangered? Not yet but habitat destruction and fragmentation bring tufted capuchins into closer contact with people; where they are more likely to be killed as food or to protect the crops they raid.