Southern tamandua or lesser anteater

Southern tamandua or lesser anteater

Tamandua tetradactyla

Berbice, Guyana


Tamandus have strong arms and big claws help them tear into insect nests and defend themselves. They can also produce really nasty smells to help put off attackers.

Where and how they live: They live in a wide variety of habitats, including rainforests and grassland.

What they eat: They hunt alone by night for termites and ants, which they lick up with their enormously long tongues. They have poor sight but a good sense of hearing and smell to help track down insect nests in the trees or on the ground. Their long tails help them grip and balance in the trees.

Are they endangered? They are hunted for meat, for the pet trade and for their tail tendons, which are use to make rope. They are not yet endangered.

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