Jicopo tree no 19

Jicopo tree no 19

Chimarrhis glabiflora

Reserva Ecologica Nantar

Morona Santiago, Ecuador


How is Glasgow Museums helping? In September 2012 a Glasgow Museums team travelled to Ecuador to film in the rainforests.

Where did they go?Most of the filming was done in the Reserva Ecologica Nantar, a private reserve in the Amazon region, owned by Rafael Guillermo Telcán, who also acted as our guide.

Why did he decide to buy a nature reserve? Alarmed by the destruction of the rainforest around his community through illegal logging, Rafael bought some untouched forest and turned it into a reserve. He wanted to show the other villagers that it is possible to make a living out of the rainforest in ways that do not involve cutting it all down.

How did he raise the money to pay for it? Rafael sold all of his cattle to buy the land so now depends on the reserve to make money. He plans to make it a place for people to go on wildlife expeditions and will also lead tours.

What does this tree have to do with it? Part of Rafael’s scheme is to sell living trees to visitors, who pay the value of the wood. Instead of being logged, the trees are left to help maintain the pure air, energy, health and life of the forest.  Glasgow Museums bought tree Jicopo no 19 which might otherwise have had to be cut down and its wood sold to make furniture.

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