Flickr Contributors

Flickr Contributors

In the year running up to the opening of the Life in the Rainforest gallery Glasgow Museums hosted a photography competition on Flickr. The winning images were used in graphics and films in the gallery.

We were delighted by the quality and variety of the entries. We received over 550 images from entrants from all around the world. Entrants from Brazil, Costa Rica, The Netherlands, Sweden and the USA were selected to go in the gallery.

See all the competition entries here.

And see more of their work on our contributors' Flickr pages and websites:

Andrew Snyder (asnyder5)

Alan Coogan (A.Davey) 

Chris Jimenez (Chris Jimenez Nature Photo)

David Mason (damson)

J. P. Lawrence (monarchzman)

Leif Jönsson (65north)

Margaret Poggio (ppoggio2) 

Murilo Lins (murilorlins)

Peter Schoen (PeterQQ2009)

Tomer Ben-Yeuda (benyeuda)