Amazon parrot feather head or neck ornament

Amazon parrot feather head or neck ornament

Amazonian people

South America


What is this and what is it made of? This a neck or head ornament made from the feathers of a species of Amazon parrot feathers, (Amazona sp.) It would have been worn on special occasions by a man or boy.

Where is it from and who made it? We don’t know who made this headdress or where it is from but Scarlet macaw feathers are used to make headdresses all over the South American Amazon region. The other picture shows a different style of headdress also made from Scarlet macaw feathers worn by the Shuar people of Ecuador.

Image:  Collection of Sir Gordon Lethem

How was it made? The photo shows a WaiWai man in a village in Guyana making a headdress. He is attaching feathers onto a length of cotton twine stretched across a frame. Headdresses like the one on display made of small feathers are made by completely covering a length of cotton with the feathers which are tied on individually with fine cotton string.

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