Dolicaon Swordtail butterfly

Dolicaon Swordtail butterfly

Eurytides dolicaon



Where can you see them? They live in wet primary (unspoilt) rainforests from Panama in the north, through Colombia and Venezuela, down to southern Peru, Brazil, and possibly Bolivia.

What do they eat? Larvae feed on the leaves of plants in the Custard apple family Guatteria, Annona or Sapranthus species and Sweetwoods Nectandra membranacea and Ocotea species. The adult males of these swallowtails ‘puddle’. This means they suck up the nutrients (salts and chemicals used to make protein) from the damp ground. These swallowtails usually fly alone but often join other swallowtail species at the best puddling sites.

Are they endangered? They are not currently endangered. The greatest threat to the survival of butterflies is the degradation and destruction of their habitat. Swallowtails are generally vulnerable to extinction because they often need particular plants and habitats to survive. Butterflies which are more flexible in where they live and what they eat are less likely to be endangered.

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