Blue or turquoise-fronted amazon parrot

Blue or turquoise-fronted amazon parrot

Amazona aestiva

South America


These amazon parrots are commonly kept as pets in South America and beyond. In captivity they can live up to 70 years.

Where and how they live: They are found across South America in rainforests, shrub and grassland, They roost in flocks up in the canopy at night and often spend the days together looking for food.

What they eat: Seeds, fruits, nuts, leaf sprouts, and flowers. They help disperse plant seeds in their droppings. They are pests of citrus crops.

Are they endangered? They are not yet considered endangered but numbers are decreasing. Deforestation means there are less mature trees, which they need to nest in. Capture for the pet trade is controlled by CITES but is of concern.

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