Black spider monkey

Black spider monkey

Ateles paniscus

South Eastern Brazil


These gangly, acrobatic monkeys have hook like hands and feet and gripping tails which allow them to move through the tree tops with ease.

Where and how they live: South America, north of the Amazon River. They live in groups of 20-30 monkeys and spend almost all their time dangling high up in the canopy of primary rainforest.

What they eat: Mostly fruits, which they travel often and far to find. They will also eat flowers, leaves, roots, bulbs, bark and decaying wood, and honey when there isn’t enough fruit.

Are they endangered? Their populations are declining and they are thought to be ‘vulnerable’ to extinction. They reproduce very slowly. The large areas of undisturbed forest they need to find enough food far away from the humans who hunt them are becoming harder and harder to find.          

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