Aegina numberwing butterfly

Aegina numberwing butterfly (upperside)

Callicore lyca


Z.1985.53.58, Z.1985.53.59

There are about 20 species of Callicore butterflies, all of which bear distinctive patterns underneath their wings, which can look a lot like numbers, hence their common name, ‘numberwing’.

Where can you see them? Forests from Mexico down to Bolivia. They are often seen near where people are living, resting on walls. Lone butterflies may be spotted drinking from puddles on rocks and paths. 

Aegina numberwing butterfly (underside)

What do they eat? Their caterpillars eat the leaves of soapberry trees (Sapindaceae)

Are they endangered? Unfortunately these beautiful butterflies are killed in vast numbers for their beautiful wings, which are used to produce decorative items for the souvenir trade.

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