Glasgow Museums’ Life in the Rainforest - Object Cinema would not have been possible without the assistance of people and communities throughout the world. Our thanks go to all of those who gave up so many weeks and months of their time to give us Life in the Rainforest.

Organizations and Communities

Comunidad Shuar de Buen Esperanza, Macas, Ecuador

Comunidad de El Pital, Manabi, Ecuador

Friends of the Earth Scotland

Parque Nacional de Machalilla, Ecuador

Reserva Ecologica Nantar, Ecuador

Reserva Guaycuyacu, Ecuador

The University of Glasgow, Scotland

The University of the West Indies, Trinidad


Ascencio, Barthon and Gutierrez families

González Rivadeneira family

Freddy Acuña

Luis Ricardo Tsakim Ashanga

Georgina Ayoy

David Chiriap

Dionysius Cuiz

Elaine Dockery

Antonio Kukush

Jasmin Kukush

Juanita Nuñez

David Pincay Pincay

Maria Telcán Telcán

Rafael Guillermo Telcán Telcán

Enigna Yampis

Rosa Yampis