Pleasing fungus beetles

A pleasing fungus beetle

Erotylus histrio, Erotylus giganteus

DB.10476, 1905.198.rt

South America, Guyana

They are called pleasing fungus beetles because of their attractive colours and patterns. Like many brightly coloured insects, these ones don’t taste very nice. They produce a foul-tasting liquid from their knees and bum. They may also drop to the ground and pretend they are dead if predators approach.

Where can you see them? E. giganteus is found in Suriname, French Guiana and Brazil and E. histrio from French Guiana and Brazil. You are most likely to encounter them on rotten logs near to water sources such as rainforest streams, where there is plenty of fungus.

What do they eat? They feed on fungi. 

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