A neotropical scorpion

A neotropical scorpion

Chactas raymondhansi



The sting of most scorpions, including this one, are harmless, strong enough to kill an insect but just painful to us.

Where can you see them? This species is only found in the rainforests of Trinidad. It hides by day between the leaves of bromeliads that grow up in the tree branches. You are more likely to see them at night, when they are more active. 

What do they eat? Scorpions hunt for insects, spiders and even small mammals and lizards to eat. They may hide waiting for or chase their prey. They use their huge pincers to catch them. They generally only sting if they have to as making venom uses up a lot of energy. Predators like these are important in controlling the number of rainforest insects.

Are they endangered? They generally take a long time to grow and have their own babies. They only have a few young and many of them don’t survive. This is why scorpion populations grow slowly and are more at risk than animals who grow fast and have lots of young. They are threatened by habitat destruction and being taken from the wild for the souvenir and exotic pet trades.

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