A longwing butterfly

A longwing butterfly

Heliconius aeode bartletti or Neruda aeode bartletti

Peru, Hualluga


 These gorgeous bright butterflies aren’t worried about standing out in the rainforest as they are toxic and their bright colours warn predators of this. Other groups of butterflies which aren’t toxic have evolved to look like them, so they are less likely to be eaten.

Where can you see them? They live in the deep rainforest of the Amazon Basin in BrazilPeru and Ecuador. You may see them roosting in groups in trees at night.

 What do they eat? Their caterpillars feed in groups on the leaves of plants from the Passion flower family (Passifloraceae) including Dilkea and Mitostemma.

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Are they endangered? They are not currently endangered. The greatest threat to the survival of butterflies is the degradation and destruction of their habitat.

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